The importance of Influencer Marketing

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Jolene Kelly was asked by Belfast Live to comment on the importance of influencers in todays climate.

Jolene Kelly, Head of Services at Fetch Ireland said:

"In the past couple of years particularly, influencer marketing has provided an additional opportunity for brands to get their products in front of people while they were using social media more than ever.

"During the pandemic when we had restrictions and couldn't do much else, people were spending more time on their phones and weren't out and about seeing products.

"It is so broad, influencers cover a variety of sectors and they all have different interests. They are the trendsetters, people really look to them to find out what is cutting edge, inspirational and trending - and to get tips and ask questions.

"People put a lot of trust in influencers. Instagram is definitely the most popular for it."

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Friday 11th Feb 2022

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